Re: Reminder, EOWG Meeting August 3, 2000

At 2000-08-03 14:09-0400, Judy Brewer wrote:
>Reminder, EOWG Meeting August 3, 2000
>         Friday, August 3, 2000
>         8:30 to 10:00 a.m. US Eastern
>         +1 617 252 1038

I must leave by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

>Preliminary agenda:
>1.      Outreach updates
I have merged the three glossaries from WCAG, Authoring, and User Agent.
My purpose is to have a consistent reference source. This draft result is 
temporarily available at:

>2.      Accessibility Features of SVG, draft Note
>         this note will be released within a few days
>         to provide accessibility implementation material
>         as a support to the recent release of the SVG Candidate 
> Recommendation
>         (see current headline on W3C home page
>         however additional review is requested
>         and will be incorporated over the next several weeks, then rereleased
>3.      Training
>         some changes to the underlying pages, especially
> and
>         (note "demo" etc indicators _different_ than we discussed. feedback

Stylesheet problem throughout: bullet at bottom left of item, not top of
all list items.

The lead words -- "Demo:", "Present", "Discuss:", "Exercise:" -- often
redundantly summarize the following text--rewrite to eliminate that

>         are now considered "done" unless we get further feedback
>         top page & others not finished

No mention of audio, only VCR gear. For some, headphone feed is important,
and means to keep personal computers in synch with presentation. Not all
audiences will have individual computers, or with appropriate assistive
technology. Accessible formats presumes assistive technology is available.

>Minutes from last meeting at
>- Judy
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