Merged Glossaries (2) from WCAG, AU, and UA

I undertook the task for the WAI Evaluation and Repair [ER] group, to
merge the glossaries from the WCAG [WC], the UAGL [UA], and the ATAG [AT].

Our concern in ER is needing to use consistent definitions of terms
that we reference in the AERT. This is a coordination issue, as well as
work for the editors.

The result is now available on my site, date 2000-07-28, (100964 bytes):

Combined Glossary of Authoring Tools, User Agent, and Web Content 
Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 2000-07-28

The source versions for these glossary terms and their definitions are:

     WC: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG1.0

     AU: Authoring Tools

     UA: User Agent working draft dated 2000-07-28

I believe this work is valuable in providing a single source for such
consistent definitions of terms. If some editor from W3 chooses to make it 
available for further use by W3, it can be moved to the appropriate place 
on the W3 site.


I extracted each of the glossary terms, in alphabetical order, added a
suffix to each term indicating the source (AU, UA, WC). I added
"See" references for multiple phrases sharing common definition, and
added title="..." to anchors with href="#ref..." for consistency.
I made minor editorial cleanup, fixed a few typos, and added some
boilerplate in the front and rear, including W3 legal claims.

Review of the common terms should lead to convergence on inclusive
common definitions. I have not attempted such rewriting.

     AU    WC Accessible
        UA WC Assistive technology
     AU UA    Attribute
     AU UA    Auditory Description (latter has Auditory description)
     AU    WC Authoring Tool (latter has Authoring tool)
     AU UA    Captions
     AU UA WC Element
        UA WC Device independent (latter has Device-independence)
           WC Equivalent
     AU       Equivalent Alternative
        UA    Equivalent alternatives for content
        UA WC Natural Language [surprise, not in AU]
     AU       Property
        UA    Properties, values, and defaults
        UA    Text transcript
     AU       Transcript
     AU UA WC User Agent (latter two have User agent)
        UA    User agent default style
        UA    User styles
     AU       View
        UA    Views, viewports, and current viewport

To do: I have not checked that all links are live, particularly across
document sources, or for multiple targets for common href="..."
values that may have been used in the different documents.

I note the XHTML1 recommendation to augment anchors with the attribute 
name="..." to also include the same value id="..." <a ...>.
Such id="..." are only meaningful within one document, not for
remote references. Also some title="..." appear. These upgradings
have only been done in UA, not in the stable AU or WC guidelines.


I assert that this derivative work is within the spirit of the W3 legal use,
even though the originals came from copyright work. I am not speaking
for or representing W3 or their legal counsel.

Regards/Harvey Bingham
Invited expert W3 WAI
(not an employee of W3 WAI) 

Received on Thursday, 3 August 2000 13:58:10 UTC