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>One of the ways you can 'fix' pages created by FrontPage is to modify the
>template used to create all your new pages, and add the DOCTYPE to the
>Please see:  http://www.spiderwebwoman.com/tutorials/doctypesolution.asp
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>> > From: Michael W Baker [SMTP:bakerm@zin-tech.com]
>> >
>> > I am developing accessibility standards for my company. We do government
>> > sub contracting and a lot of government sites use Front Page for design.
>> > need to explore accessibility solutions (or have definitive reasons why
>> > can't be done)for this product.
>> > Are there ways of designing accessibly with Front Page?
>> [DJW:]
>> I'm pretty sure that if you know how to write HTML
>> you can write good HTML in Front Page.  The problem
>> is that the user interface encourages bad habits, and
>> it seems that it is fairly easy to generate invalid
>> HTML as well.  Early versions generate a document type
>> that only permits HTML 2.0, which will need fixing for
>> most pages!
>> The sorts of ways that it encourages problems are by
>> making presentational features easy to use, by putting
>> them on the tool bar, but hiding the proper structural
>> ones; I think that is consistent with the target WYSISWYG
>> market.
>> Obviously it also encourages the use of canned formats,
>> automation etc.
>> > Is it possible to fix a page designed on Front Page?
>> [DJW:]
>> Dave Raggett's Tidy program was designed to try to
>> create valid HTML from it.  Accessibility requires
>> human intervention though.
>> > Are there any resources addressing this issue?
>> > (Personally I would never use this product, but I need to deal with a
>> > of Front Page sites and Front Page users.)
>> >
>> >
>> [DJW:]  There's actually an accessibility thread running
>> on the lynx-dev mailing list in which two different sites
>> (I think Ohio State is the problem one and a newspaper the
>> good one) are producing pages with a Front Page meta tag
>> (possibly hand retouched) and one is virtually unnavigable

>> text only, whereas the other is no problem.
>> The fundamental problem is almost certainly that the people
>> who like using Front Page don't like to think about information
>> (as against specified browser graphic) design.
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