Re: Projecting a message?

JC:: "Can you name one successful charity or company that does not use
images to project its message."

WL: The American Red Cross uses images but not "to project its message"
- for that purpose they use words. Widely understandable messages are
*ALWAYS* words. In fact words are used to explain the images, which
without that explanation carry no meaning.  "Language" derives from
"tongue", hence "speech", hence a problem for some deaf folks accessing
printed versions of speech, etc. We can call for it all day but until we
have something effective to use, we can't use it (image communication,
that is). Even when the Red Cross shows, e.g. flood relief films they
get their message across with accompanying words. The message is
essentially, "trouble abounds, send money!"


Received on Saturday, 22 July 2000 10:21:27 UTC