See-through digital camera

Dear Gentlemen ;

                    This message is only for í«Regional Distributorí»
We're a major developer of 'Vision (Optics, Infrared)' related
products in Korea.
And this is to introduce our new  ' Digital Camera' which is equipped
with super outstanding infrared functions.
While adopting features of Standard Digital Camera , we were able to
bring the technology into this machine 
so that the ultimate fantasy of advanced camera could be achieved.

1. See-through function : More than double penetration than that of 
'SXXX Night          
    Shot' which once created a big boom even though it was a rather
    Black & white.   
2. Color image even though ití»s see-through : Allows more vivid
natural image.
3. Night-eye Function : Equipped with Infrared self-transmitting
system enables to 
  catch the black&white image up to 6M even under darkroom situation.

Please take a look at some of pictures at 

Parties acknowledging a great marketability of this product invited
to join our distributorsí» network. 
Especially those who run their own web shopping malls (say, engaged
in 'Adult Entertainment Products') 
and/or have sizable customer (DM marketing) groups are most welcomed.

The regional distributors are going to have good chances to be
benefited by being given the opportunities 
distributing other smart infrared products in a queue following this
digital camera.

That makes it all for now, many thanks for your precious time and
looking forward to hearing from you.


James Park
Sales Manager 
E-mail :  ,
Tel : 82-31-909-8300   Fax : 82-31-909-8308

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