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Hi Helle,

As already mentioned, the person you talked to, probably meant
Netscape layers, which are a propietary extension of HTML by
Netscape in the "old  times" when they were #1, and they thought
they could set the standards. Anyhow, they don't even work with
Explorer or Opera, so they are not accessible to too many people.

If the person meant using CSS for positioning and create layers,
then you meet with another problem. Netscape will mess up your
page. I played with CSS for a while trying to use CSS for
positioning, and pages render OK in Explorer and Opera, and
degrade OK with Lynx. But you will go through hell trying to
maintain any visual effect in Netscape. Even the inheritance
within "div" elements does not behave as expected. Furthermore,
your page will be all messed up if the user resizes the window
(which can be solved by "a JavaScript trick").

In regard to your second question, I never used JAWS with
drop-down menus, but since they can only be created through
JavaScript or VBscript, I guess it is OK if you provide
alternative navigation methods in your page.


Helle Bjarnø wrote:
> Can any one guide me to WCAG on layers. I've been asked if it's OK to use
> layers in stead of  mouse over or some other technique to show a text when
> one passes a link  with the mouse. Next question: an accessible alternative
> to drop down menus or how to make them accessible to JAWS 3.3 users?
> Kind regards
> Helle Bjarno
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