Regrets for the meeting, I probably won't be able to make it. What I have
been up to in the Education and Outreach world:

Gave a presentation on accessiblity for the Office of Government Online -
Australian Commonwealth (federal) Government, and participated in a panel
session. There were about 150 people, fairly evenly split between people
responsible for websites and people actually doing the development work, both
government employess and private contractors. The panel session went well,
with a wide-ranging discussion - the government is aiming to have all
websites accessible as soon as possible, with WCAG recognised officially at
all levels of government as the standard for best practise. By December 1
they are hoping to have implementation plans for all their content, and where
possible to have actually reached at least level A compliance.

Other speakers included Tim Noonan, who is known to some people as a WCAG
participant, Grraham Innes, who is a Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights,
David Long, who works for Centrelink (a bit like the department of Social
Security in the US I suppose), Brian Hardy of Vision Australia and Larry
Stillman, who works for Vicnet, a state-government created ISP who does a lot
of teaching and working on accessibility and internationalisation in
Australia and New Zealand.

presentation slides: http://www.w3.org/2000/Talks/0712-ogo-au
more about the 
seminar: http://www.govonline.gov.au/projects/strategy/Seminar2Accessibility.htm

I am giving a couple of short lectures on Accessibility to a class at RMIT
and to a web designers group at Monash University in the next few weeks, and
RMIT is probably running a workshop on accessibility early in August at which
I will present (found out today that this might be happening...)


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