Agenda item #2: revisiting ATAG FAQ


For agenda item #2, here is an updated list of FAQ questions associated
with the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines. 

Please look over the list; we'll discuss several of the questions on the
EOWG call today.

**NOTE: This list does not represent a finished document, nor does it
indicate whether the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines will be
released as a W3C Recommendation.**

1. What is an authoring tool?
2. Why are these guidelines necessary?
3. Will there be a demand for authoring tools that implement these guidelines?
4. How soon will there be tools available that implement these guidelines?
5. What is in these guidelines?
6. Who has been involved in developing these guidelines?
7. What is the difference between these guidelines and other Web
accessibility guidelines?
8. Are there different levels of conformance?
9. How would conformant tools support the creation of accessible Web content?
10. How would someone know if a tool that they want to use supports these
11. Will people with disabilities be able to use conformant tools?
12. Do authors have to use conformant tools to create accessible Web pages?
13. What are the best tools available now for creation of accessible Web
14. If a developer wanted to assess their current tool, where would they
15. Are the checkpoints prioritized in some way, so a developer will know
what features are most important?
16. What kind of reference material is available for tool developers who
want to implement these guidelines?
17. Are there any open-source materials or reference implementations
18. Will conformant tools...
	18a. be easy or hard to use?
	18b. allow people to create interesting Web pages?
	18c. fully automate the creation of accessible content?
	18d. produce content that works across different kinds of browsers?
	18e. explain how to do things like caption audio or describe video?
	18f. provide some way to verify accessibility of Web pages?
19. Would a user of a conformant tool...
	19a. be able to turn off the prompts, alerts, checking, etc., if he or she
didn't want to use them?
	19b. have to know much HTML to make accessible Web pages?
	19c. have to convert their existing code?
20. Will W3C's own tools conform to these guidelines?
21. What other resources are available to support accessibility of the Web?
22. How does one learn more about the Web Accessibility Initiative?
23. What is the role of the W3C in Web accessibility?

- Judy

>Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 15:06:05 -0500
>To: w3c-wai-eo
>From: Judy Brewer <>
>Subject: Agenda item #1: any EOWG comments on UAGL?
>Cc: ij,
>If you want to get going on the first part of the EOWG agenda for
tomorrow/Dec 3rd, it is to provide EOWG comments on the User Agent
Accessibility Guidelines
<>, which are just
closing Last Call. 
>Here's how this works:
>EOWG has a dependency with the User Agent Guidelines WG, namely that we'll
be obligated to help promote awareness & implementation of their
guidelines, along with other WAI resources. So this means that we need to,
as a group, consider if there are any comments/concerns that EOWG has about
the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines. It could be things like, 
>- is the purpose clear?
>- does the introductory matter explain the context of disability
requirements adequately & appropriately for the purpose of that document? 
>- will developers or other users of the document need additional kinds of
supporting resources to make best use of the document? 
>- Etc. 
>So, even if you've read the UAGL before, please read it again, from an
education/outreach perspective.
>Timeline-wise, we're doing this under an extension. Last Call officially
closed on Wednesday, Dec 1. I notified UAWG folks that we'd give them
comments tomorrow, after our meeting. We'll need to batch all comments at
that point; they have to be in as early as possible tomorrow. 
>So any comments you have from the EOWG perspective, send to w3c-wai-eo for
discussion, then we'll batch them.
>- Judy
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>>Reminder, we are meeting tomorrow:
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>>- time 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 US Eastern Time
>>Agenda to follow.
>>Please note minutes from last meeting are available at
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Judy Brewer    +1.617.258.9741
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World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
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