Re: Download of Curriculum slide sets failed

Hello Gerhard,

Thank you for pointing out the problem.  The previous version of
was indeed corrupted.  I uploaded a new version of the archive, then
downloaded and tested it, and it works. I apologize for any inconvenience
the error may have caused you. 

Chuck Letourneau

At 23/11/99 06:36 AM , Gerhard Schöning wrote:
>Hello from Germany!
>I'm doing the HWG Course 'Universal Accessibility' at the moment (Week Three
>Reading Assignment) so I have to deal with the WCAG. I downloaded the
>'' file twice - but neither copy of the file could be opened by
>Winzip 7 SR1: it says 'missing 10 bytes in file' !
>As the online costs in Germany are relativly expensive I would prefer to
>have the slide sets locally to read them over. Please try to fix the
>problem - or could you give me any advice how to access the downloaded
>'' with another tool to get at least the rest of the content?
>Thank you very much in advance!
>Gerhard Schöning

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