Activity in the UK

Update as requested.

In March 1999, the UK Government's  Cabinet Office published a White Paper
entitled 'Modernising Government', which 'set out key policies and principles
underpinning the Government's long-term programme of reform to modernise
public service.'
You can read the White Paper Online at

In July 1999,  the Cabinet Office published the 'Modernising Government Action
Plan' which sets milestones to chart the programme's course and success
criteria so that users of public services can judge whether the programme of
modernisation is working. 
You can read the Action Plan Online at

One of the milestones, reads:

"Cabinet Office Central IT Unit to produce outline frameworks for the use of:
Websites by November 1999."

This means that  UK Government will produce a set of guidelines for the design
of Government Web sites by November 1999.  I (on behalf of RNIB) have been
working closely with Governemnt on the production of the guidelines, to ensure
that the guidelines require that all Govt Web sites be accessible.

I have commented on a draft, which has now gone to Govt depts for their
comments. The draft will then come back to me for further comments and will
finally be presented in November 1999.

The Government have recently relaunched the site in
accordance with W3C standards, and I hope this site will set the standard for all
other Governmental sites.

Julie Howell
Campaigns Officer (Access to Digital Information)
Royal National Institute for the Blind
United Kingdom

Received on Friday, 1 October 1999 11:00:33 UTC