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Thank you for taking the time to review the curriculum, and for your
comments.  I don't subscribe to AOL, nor do I have a copy of that browser,
so if you or anyone else can tell me precisely on what bit of CSS or HTML
the AOL browser chokes, I would be very appreciative.  Even better would be
a suggestion on how to fix the problem.  (Even better than that would be a
fix that doesn't cause problems for other browsers in turn... but I won't
get my hopes up.)

About the balloon animation... I haven't been able to figure that one out
yet.  You are not the first person to report on Netscape's cycle-once
habit, but on my system, with Netscape 4.04, the balloon just keeps going,
and going...  

The ABBR / ACRONYM topic has generated a lot of discussion in various WAI
working groups.  It looks like the Web Content, Authoring Tool, User Agent,
Coordination and possibly even the Protocol and Formats Working Groups are
getting involved now.  

Chuck Letourneau

At 19/06/99 10:15 AM , wrote:
>I am a member of Kynn Bartlett's online course in web accessibility.  He has 
>asked us to comment on the WCAG Curriculum as an optional assignment. 
>All the slide sets were most helpful and informative.  There is a design 
>discrepancy between the screen view in AOL and Netscape.  The Netscape view 
>lays out as I think you intend it, while the AOL view the boxes at the top of 
>the example pages expands to include the first line of the text (in other 
>words the Priority 3 which is in a box alone in Netscape is not boxed by 
>itself in AOL).
>This same problem occurred on several pages in Examples for guideline 1.  (I 
>have not gone through all the example slides but all the ones I did go 
>through had the boxed text problem and some had other problems with lining up 
>such as 1.1a example where divider/horizontal lines are through the text and 
>other graphics in this section, although looking similar in both AOL and 
>Netscape, are not lined up with the text in AOL.  In addition on example 1.1d 
>the balloon in AOL is a continuous loop and keeps repeating while in Netscape 
>the balloon bursts once and stops.
>While this seems minor, it does make it difficult to read the second line of 
>the text.  I have my AOL browser set at default.  I am using AOL 4.0, am on a 
>MAC OS 8.5.1.  My Netscape is Communicator 4.5.
>I read with interest on the w3c-wai-ig list the discussion about title and 
>ABBR and ACRONYM and when to use.  It did clarify your thinking about this 
>one time use of these tags.  As a legal secretary, I would agree that it is 
>cumbersome to have to write out the full expansion each time and that the 
>common usage of the first time is the intuitive way and the one which most 
>would use.
>Again, I am sure these are minor problems,  but hope my comments are helpful.
>gayley knight

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