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White House Ceremony with U.S. Mint Reaches
Internet Audiences through Medialink Webcast, 
Delivered by broadcast.com
Streaming Video Featuring First Lady Marks First White House
Webcast Offering Text for Hearing Impaired

	NEW YORK, June 4, 1999 -- First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and a
distinguished group of attendees unveiled the new dollar coin design at a
recent White House ceremony honoring Native American women and their
accomplishments. A live webcast of the historic event was produced by
Medialink (Nasdaq: MDLK) and distributed by broadcast.com (Nasdaq: BCST)
through the U.S. Mint's website at www.USMINT.gov and other websites.  The
public was able to watch and listen to streaming video and audio of the
ceremony as it happened from computer desktops worldwide.
	Highlights from the event are now available on Medialink's
www.NewStream.com website.  A text transcript of the event is also available
online, as well as closed-captioned video for the hearing impaired.
NewStream is also a featured service on broadcast.com.
	Other participants joining the ceremony were former Treasury
Secretary Robert E. Rubin, U.S. Treasurer Mary Ellen Withrow, Department of
the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs Assistant Secretary Kevin Gover, U.S.
Mint Director Philip N. Diehl, the coin's designers, Glenna Goodacre and
Thomas D. Rogers, Sr., and representatives of the Shoshone and other Native
American tribes.
	Through an agreement with broadcast.com, Medialink provides
webcasting services for a variety of corporations and other organizations to
deliver live and on-demand public relations and corporate communications
events.  The unveiling event was webcast live on the U.S. Mint website and
marked the first webcast involving the White House that included text for
the hearing impaired.  An event press kit is available in the U.S. Mint
website's "press room."  
	"Nearly 90 million now watch streaming video on their PCs," said
Laurence Moskowitz, President and CEO, Medialink.  "They increasingly rely
on the Internet for news, particularly during the business day.  Webcasts
allow clients to reach and captivate this exploding audience by providing
the impact of video and audio along with real-time access to live news
	Authorized by the United States $1 Coin Act of 1997, the new dollar
coin replaces the current Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin, which has circulated
since 1979.
	Medialink is the world leader in providing video and audio
production and 

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White House Ceremony with U.S. Mint Reaches Internet Audiences
June 4, 1999
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communicate their news to the public. The company also produces streaming
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these clients to desktops worldwide through Medialink's strategic agreement
with broadcast.com. 
	In addition to broadcast media services, the company also provides
press release and still photography services, as well as tracking and
analysis of print and broadcast news coverage to help its more than 1,600
clients understand how they are perceived in the media, including the
Internet, and to gauge the effectiveness of their public relations efforts. 
	Medialink, founded in 1986, is headquartered in New York and
maintains offices in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta,
San Francisco, Norwalk, CT and Portsmouth, NH; its international division
based in London; and a network of affiliates in more than 18 countries in
Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and Latin America. Offices can be contacted
via the Internet at www.medialink.com.

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