FW: conference

fyi, David Poehlman and friends presented in Maryland at the nfb md state
conference in baltimore this week.  
Here is a snippet from Dave with some edits from me,

Dave, let them know about the wai and mike paciello was on the pannel so
that was covered.  the conference
was expanding the view.  Judi saw to it that we had way quick tips to put in
the packets and kurtis chong discussed by illustration the good and the bad
at least of blind access with ie and jfw.  the conference was mainly aimed
at awareness of the law and some motivation.  it was planned but supposed
only to be hosted by the nfb and they had their own agenda which they didn't
quite get to pull off because I stood in the way and made them toe the line
on broader issues.  We had jennifer sympson and jim thatcher there too so we
got a good swath for the pannel and the afternoon sessions were about it in
the work place and it procurement and of course there were the usual nfb
hands on and mine on the pc and beyond.  So, can I interest you in one of my
<end snippet>

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