Fw: Call for Papers, WWW8 Developer Day

I am overjoyed!!!  Please see message from WWW8.  
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Subject: Re: Call for Papers, WWW8 Developer Day


The Access committee for developer day would like to include your proposed presentation on May 14. You will have 45 minutes available for presentation and discussion. We will be sending out a complete schedule in the next few days. 

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I will be presenting an organizational perspective, specifically developers and managers, on implementing universal accessibility.  This will cover costs, training, quality assurance, testing, acceptance criteria, and planning.  Will also put in the federal slant and outline a possible approach for the US Federal Government to get behind this and endorse it!  If I can get approval this may include the US Mint approach.

i am tickled to have the opportunity to do this!  Well, tickle may be a poor choice of words, but it is appropriate.

Will try to get the draft out early may for circulation to the group for comment - unless Judy does not think this is the appropriate forum.  If it is not appropriate, I can send this to individuals offline.

would also like to thank the EO for their support and friendship!


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