Curriculum slide set... what? Again!

If any of you were diligent enough to rush immediately to review the slides
posted at the new URL I mentioned this morning, I am sorry because I am now
announcing another fairly major update to the format of the slides.  I hope
to have addressed many of the navigation problems associated with the
original format (which is still on-line at the old URL).  The Introduction
set has been updated to include fairly detailed explanations of the
navigation system as well as some disclaimers to go along with the draft
status of the sets.

For those who missed it, the URL for the new format is:
and the old set (for comparison purposes) is at:

But now I am tired of fooling around with the format of the slides so the
next few revisions by Geoff and I will be to the content of the sample
slides and speakers notes (since, in the long run, that is the important

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