re: In between

Also the authoring tools should help the designers so they don't have to
read the whole system.

Still I think writing a book could help the designers in understanding the
issues. It could start from the different requirements that help
understanding the users and the technologies, describe why it is important
for the companies to consider these issues, then explain how the different
guidelines form an integrated whole and finally go into the details of the
guidelines explaining at least the most crucious issues. Also there should
be a chapter explaining how the quicktips could be used as a heuristics in
taking a quick look to the accessibility at the same time as the usability
issues are considered by using usability heuristics.

Maybe there could be a collection of writers.


At 03:40 PM 12/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I wonder if <H1>, etc. will yield anything useful?
>One problem is that whatever gets done as an "in between" document will:
>take a lot of effort; be subject to the same quarrels; serve little
>The truth is that the guidelines are a reference work and that their
>size shouldn't be any problem since they should only be used from some
>sort of index.

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