Re: Last look at Ref card pilot

Mostly wording suggestions here.

Only actual content changes are:

explicitly mention ALT attr for image map hotspots (item 3)
explicitly mention captioning for video. (item 7)
change table reading order wording (item 9)


>>New title:
>> _Quick tips_ to make your site accessible to everyone, including
>> people with disabilities, handheld devices or slow connections

suggest ".. and slow connections"

>>new 1. _Images, photographs and animations_ Concisely describe the
>> function of all visuals. Use the alt attribute.

How about
Use ALT attribute to give function of all visuals.

>>new 2. _Page organization_ Headings, lists and table summaries make pages
>>easy to scan. Use clear and consistent page structure across pages.

How about

...Use headings, lists, table summaries, and clear and consistent page
structure to make pages quick to scan.

>>new 3. _Imagemaps_ Many people cannot use a mouse. Use a client-side
>>MAP to give text to provide text for the image hotspots.

We need to stress use of ALT here.

How about

...Use client-side image maps with ALT text for each hotspot for fast
mouseless operation.

>>new 6. _No important information is lost_ Provide alternate content
>>for use with scripting, applets or plug-in when unsupported or turned

I also like 6 but shouldn't plug-in be plural ("plug-ins") along with applets

>>new 7. _Audio & Video_ Provide captions or transcripts for audio and
>>audio descriptions of video content.

this seems to omit captioning of video.  How about

Provide captions or transcripts for audio and video; and audio descriptions
for video.

>>new 9. _Tables_ Avoid using tables to format text columns, but in any
>>case be sure the rows (TR) reading order makes sense.

I don't know if "rows" reading order captures it.  For example, what if
there is an image on one row and it's label is beneath it on next row.  How

... but in any case make sure cell by cell reading order makes sense.

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Received on Tuesday, 10 November 1998 15:24:10 UTC