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Sorry falks, 
The waicard page is without validation errors. 
I had a parsing error, (and my browser has a bug). 
I was too quick in my response.

Several comments:

1. My old comment:
I think that validation should be more emphasized. 
More precisely it is not mentioned at all in the WAI card.

The idea to check in many browsers is the same as the idea 
of checking in "both" Netscape and Explorer, but extending it 
to a somewhat larger set of browsers.

With valid pages you cover things not covered with direct browser tests. 
Also in some of the Authoring guidelines documents (I can't remember if in 
the main or techniques) validation comes way after
checking in many browsers. 

2. The article on TABLEs (9) is confusing as it discusses both 
tables for layout (not to use) and tables for tables (use whatever attributes)
It would be clearer if this will be separated into two articles. 
(I know it makes it 11 but still...)

3. Page Organization (2). I didn't quite get that.
If it were to do with the website (a collection of pages) 
I could  see how pages are layed out consistently 
throughout the site. 

But using headings lists and summaries has nothing to do with 
consistent page layout.  One may consistently 
use the FONT and CENTER elements for page 
layout and even for scannability.

There are several things. 
One: design for scannability. 
Two: consistency thoughout the site. 
Three: use content markup and not typographical one.
These three are absolutely different things.

It seems to me that they came mixed up. Also the hypertext links article 
is a particular case of scannability.

4. Imagemaps. It is true that server side requires a mouse, but it also 
requires images turned on. Maybe have: 
   Imagemaps. Use clent side image maps to provide 
   text desription of the links of the different hotspots. Server side 
   imagemaps are useless without images or a mouse.

5. Frames.(8)  First, one should specify a title even if name is present.
 as the title is human understandable text and name is for targeting.
 Second, The term "linear version" will not be understood to most people.


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