Curriculum slides - frequent updates

Geoff and I are frequently updating the curriculum slides.  A1 and A2
samples are now mostly finished. A3, A4, A5 and B4 samples are mostly there
now but will join the formatted set tomorrow.  After that, we will begin
filling in the rest of the guidelines.

Check the "home" page for new additions and to see when a particular set
has been modified.

Please take nothing for granted...  No slide is final.  No wording, example
or layout is necessarily cast in stone.  Any comments will be welcome
(although Geoff and I reserve the right to sigh heavily and mutter to
ourselves "Yeah, we knew that, but just hadn't got around to fixing it
yet!").  Also, some links may be problematical. We are still working out
the slide linking strategy.

Oh, and we will definitely need help identifying "real" sites that show
"good" examples of the application of the guidelines and techniques (unless
we want all the examples of them to point to WGBH or one of my sites). It
is easy to find bad sites (pick almost any URL at random) but I am
beginning to doubt whether Geoff or I will have much time to go hunting for
good sites...



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