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Thank you for the response to my previous email below this message.

When the Government Computer News (GCN) article is published in hardcopy, 
can you please email an electronic copy to the above copied groups. These 
people may or may not be subscribers to you article but would be very 
interested in what Government Computer News has to say.

These are distribution lists for people who are members of the World Wide 
Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative's (WAI)  Interest Group 
and the Education and Outreach program (EO).

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

WAI Education & Outreach Working Group (EOWG)

I strongly suggest you interview someone from this group, as the WAI is 
leading the W3C efforts for accessibility for people with disabilities. 
 May I suggest Judy Brewer,, Director of the Web 
Accessibility Initiative International Program Office.

As this is publication is geared toward federal users, suggest you also 
contact , Center for Information Technology Accommodation (CITA), U.S. 
General Services Administration Office of Governmentwide Policy. The URL is and the points of contact are
Susan Brummel,, or
Karl Hebenstreit,

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers, Rob

TO WAI and EO, please read the Original Messages, which follows:

Dear Mr. Neff
Check the upcoming November issue of GCN Shopper for our story on products 
for disabled users, written by one of our freelancers who himself needs to 
use several of the products.
Thank your for writing.

Sami Lais
AME Features
Government Computer News
8601 Georgia Ave.
Suite 300
Silver Spring, MD 20910

I had previously wrote:

The Government Computer News, July 20,1998 has and article, "Web Page 
Authoring Software, Feds say easy formatting is out-of-sight" by Richard 
There is a matrix that says "What features do you consider when choosing 
Web Page Authoring software".  The list does not contain any features that 
would help it be compliant with the American Disabilities Act.  Once more, 
this matrix lends proves that ADA is not on many Agencies or Federal Web 
Designer's priority list.  For example, besides the ALT Tag, as a minimum, 
I want the ability to edit the HTML so I can add table summarys, titles, 
etc...  There is also no mention of the ability of web authoring software 
to assist the author in developing ADA compliant code....  Wouldn't it be 
great if Composer or FrontPage allowed you to add table summary, row and 
column ids, titles, etc....  NetObjects is a relational database and does 
not permit you to touch the code.  You have to exit and edit the code then 
re-import.   I havent used hotdog since the 2 release.
Suggest GCN provide an article that discusses the ADA compliance issues and 
the interviews persons with disabilities, highlights tools, WAI, etc...
I copied the editor's e-mail address.  If enough people write in and voice 
an opinion, maybe we can convince them to devote a section! Telephone 
Number is 301.650.2000.
cheers, rob

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