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>Timescales preclude a well designed set of questions: please try and answer
>the questions and points below.
>1 Do you support the notion of a reference card which fits onto a business

Comment: There is no way to make a similarly useful portable version in any
alternate (print) format.  But if the target audience is clearly sighted
with good vision, then I have no objection.  The card is good for distributing
at conferences as memory joggers.

2 Would a business card format be intended for
a) a general audience Yes
b) a more specific, sophisticated audience No
Comment: see question 1 above
3 If WAI EO could only afford one format for the reference card, should it be
a) the business card size No
b) a longer, more 'pocket-size' card Yes 
Comment:  At a presentation, I would rather hand out something readable and
slightly detailed than either the full guidelines or a business card.
4 Because of the size constraints, should a business card version
a) cover the current spread of issues which more closely conforms to the PAGL
b) concentrate only on 3 issues (plus introduction and 'Get more information'
sections) No

Comment: or as many priority 1 items as will fit best.
>5 Based on the current content of the reference cards, if the business card
>version were to address only three issues, what would they be? I assume
>that everybody would agree on 'text versions of visuals' etc. but which
>other 2 items would you include? Would the 'text versions of visuals' be
>expanded to cover visuals; applets; complex displays (charts, graphs etc.);
>icons etc.?
Comment:  don't think three is enough.
>6 The content of the reference cards is consciously written in a plain
>English style, and it avoids the use of html terms (partially because of
>the writing style; partly to avoid quick obselescence).
a) should we retain the plain English? Yes 
b) should the cards refer to html terms? Yes 
Comment:  plain English, in close association with HTML terms may help explain
the function of HTML to beginners. 

Hopeful, but not convinced, that my comment are not oxymoronic (or just


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