Re: Reference card: some considerations: DD responses

At 2:32 pm +0200 2/9/98, Daniel Dardailler wrote:

>> 4 Because of the size constraints, should a business card version
>> 	a) cover the current spread of issues which more closely conforms
>> to the PAGL						Yes	No
>> 	b) concentrate only on 3 issues (plus introduction and 'Get more
>> information' sections) 	 			Yes	No
DD: >Why 3 ? we have versions in 9pt with 5 issues.

SMO: I am not confident that *any* of the current versions provide the
level of detail that for which some people have expressed a preference.
Reducing the number of issues would allow more space for covering issues in
greater depth (as indicated in the body of question 5).

>> 5 Based on the current content of the reference cards,...
DD: >I don't understand why you say 3, where 5 seems fine.

SMO: See response to 4. And, the EO group, as yet, has not agreed the
number of sections or an appropriate level of detail. During the last
conference call some participants argued that some material should be
restored from the previous, longer versions (e.g. access to audiovisual

Stella O'Brien, KO2

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