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Study Estimates Web Grows By 1.5m Pages Daily 08/31/98

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We should get the names of these 900 sites that account for 50% of all
Web traffic.

Forwarded Text ----
 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., 1998 AUG 31 (NB) -- By Martyn  
 Williams, Newsbytes. Just how fast is the Internet growing? Alexa 
 Internet, which maintains a Web cache and database, says a survey 
 of its database indicates an average days sees 1.5 million pages added 
 to the World Wide Web. 
 The same survey also estimates the current Web is around 3 terabytes  
 and doubling in size every eight months. 
 Alexa maintains a database of Web pages as part of the service it  
 offers to users of its free Alexa service. Delivered through a small 
 application, the service offers Web users additional information on 
 each site delivered, such as site owner, popularity, server speed 
 and site size. 
 In addition, it offers a solution to those annoying "404 - Not Found"  
 messages by allowing users the ability to call up the most recent 
 copy of a page from its database. It is this database that the service 
 examined to come up with the figures outlined in its new report. 
 Other factoids found by the survey include the information that 90  
 percent of traffic is concentrated on 100,000 different host 
 computers, while just 900 Web sites account for 50 percent of all 
 Web traffic. It also estimated there are 20 million content areas, 
 defined as top-level pages of sites, individual home pages, and 
 significant subsections of corporate Web sites. 
 More information on Alexa and its browsing companion software can  
 be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.newsbytes.com . 
 Reported By Newsbytes News Network: http://www.newsbytes.com  
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