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but we knew that... (fwd)

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The WSJ site is a by-registration-only site, and free only for a
limited trial period.

But articles like this would be very good to have in our
portfolio of evidence.  The idea I have toyed with at times is
for the W3C to seek permission to mirror selected articles like
this on the WAI site.  This makes them visible to people not 
subscribed to WSJ or after the publishing paper has retired
the article from their site.

Perhaps I should explain the connection between investor info and
accessibility.  The same problem of learning who is behind a
website, in terms of business accountability, affects people
pressing claims of inaccessibility as it affects investors
looking for the next wave.

To get companies to stand behind their public Web information, we
need to cooperate with the investor interest.  Not try to go it


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  OFFICE MEMO          but we knew that...                    Date:8/19/98

Issue:  Internet Use(fulness)
According to a study released today by consulting firm Shelley Taylor &
Associates, many company Web sites make it more difficult than necessary for
customers, investors and prospective employees to contact them or gather
information. The study looked at 50 corporate Web sites at technology
[SOURCE: Wall Street Journal (B5), AUTHOR: Don Clark]

- Larry

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