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Thanks for listings, and regarding DCI, B.K. will be attending, also Geoff
Freed (WGBH/NCAM) and Philipp Hoschka (W3C) will be talking about SMIL &
accessibility at an NAW breakfast there.

I plan to attend but will not be presenting at any DCI sessions.

- Judy

At 07:23 PM 8/13/98 -0400, Harvey Bingham wrote:
>Per meeting today, attached are some more forthcoming conferences from DCI 
>and GCA. I have little basis for evaluation of DCI conferences, though 
>sessions scattered through them deal with web issues. Can anyone else
>speak to these. 
>The GCA ones I've attended for 12 years. As these have been the forebears 
>of structured markup (SGML) and continuations (HTML, XML families), and 
>generally have both management and technical content, I will continue to 
>advocate there for accessibility. Murray Altheim, Jon Bosak, Tim Bray, 
>George Kerscher, Eve Maler, Murray Maloney, Mike Paciello, 
>Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Jutta Treviranus, and many others participate in 
>these and are accessibility advocates.
>I did not list next week's Metadata and XML Developers conferences in
>Montreal, as it is too late to attend those.
>Regards/Harvey Bingham
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