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Discussion version of a reference card: length of alt text

I suggested that an alt text should be restricted to 5 words to avoid
having to provide an explanation about the problems of placeholders
overlapping alt text. I thought that it would take up too much space if we
attempted both to  explain the problem and outline various solutions.

GF commented:
> since it's not possible to know how much height and width has been
>allocated for any >specific graphic, it's not possible to know how much
>space will be available for alt >text.  [material deleted]

How about amending the original text to read:

Make the graphics on your pages accessible. Write a concise description
of the picture and include it in the alt part of the <img src> tag.
 (If you have specified height and width for your image placeholder,
 please make sure that it doesn't hide the alt text). alt is used like this:

Best wishes - Stella

Stella O'Brien

Received on Monday, 3 August 1998 11:53:23 UTC