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Minutes from July 16 EOWG call

From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 09:52:38 -0400
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- Minutes from WAI EOWG meeting on July 16 follow (see also action item
list sent out right after meeting)
- Minutes not yet available for EOWG meeting in Peterborough last Friday
the 24th. 
- Minutes from several previous still pending.

- Judy

Minutes from call July 16

Wl: William Loughborough
Cl: Chuck Letourneau
Jb: Judy Brewer
Ss: Sheila Sethuranan 
Mn: Masafumi Nakane
Gf: Geoff Freed
Ja: Jim Allan
Pb: Peter Bosher 
Kc: Kevin Cary
Hb: Harvey Bingham

Jb: Asked if everyone had seen the latest e-mail messages, especially
regarding the draft deliverables.

- review of draft one-page flyer
- review of compiled events calendar
- style sheets questions
- discussion of bulletin
- update on PowerPoint conversion options
- summer meeting schedule
- review of deliverables listing/priorities/owners

Jb: announced the luncheon with the Duke of York, Prince Andrew in Boston -
a unique opportunity for outreach.  Apologized that this has been delaying
some other work

1. Review of draft one-page flyer
Action Item: asked for volunteers to do quick review of a brochure: Jim
Allen, Chuck Letourneau, Willliam Loughborough, Shiela Sethuranan, Peter
Bosher will look at it tomorrow.

2. Discussion of new event format.
Ja: came up with a new format and separated it from the older format and
has sent a message to the list announcing the sample
(www.interport.net/~kitch/eo.html).  Was concerned that there are
presentations not directly under the aegis of WAI: should we list but
separate those?  
Consensus was YES.
Ja: should we keep it on Kitch's site?
Jb: for now, leave it in Kitch's site and we may bring it back in to EO in
a month or so once we have some security issues looked at.

Discussion of format of site: some concern about the foreground/background
Action Item: Jim to discuss site foreground/background with Kitch.

Discussion of what information people are asked to submit to Kitch/Jim.
Jb: maybe include reference to audience (unless it is too obvious).
What criteria should we use to decide what goes on the list and what doesn't.
Ss: conferences that highlight development, design and implementation
Ja: what about NFB conference?
Ss: thinks that those that are appropriate to create awareness
Discussion: maybe a heading or keywords associated with
Action Item: Jim and Kitch to develop a short list of criteria for

Ja: Internationalization - very important - people around the world are
encouraged to send input.

Jb: how else can we ensure that the listing is kept up to date?
We could ask major organizations to put us on their mailing lists.

Kc: there is a regular list published in England.  Will forward such to Jim.

Ja: we should also have a listing of magazine articles that mention WAI.
Jb: will add something like that to the deliverables. Somebody in the W3C
was tracking that stuff.  Will try to pull out  just the access stuff.
Ja: will there be a listing on a web site?
Jb: yes.
Action Item: Judy to look into a press article list.
Action Item: someone? will refine IETF conference listing

Pb: would it be useful to have a rating of the conference to indicate if it
is being covered, should be covered, not important, etc.

3. Aside: Judy asked about Style Sheet input from Geoff and Peter.
Action Item: Judy? will send a note to Hakon about the input from Geoff and

4. discussion of bulletin
Jb: problem with amount of time available on a monthly basis.
Jb: second problem is bulletin distribution list. 50 to 100 have signed on,
plus about 200 names on file who have expressed interest but might not
expect to be on a list, and 300-400 others who are somewhat interested.
Jb: asked what people thought about getting unsolicited mail?
Various comments: don't worry about people's reactions.  Do it!
Wl: if you are worried about controversy… put William's name on it.

5. Slide conversions

Discussion of existing tools - W3C tool is problematic. Others aren't great.
Jb: Can Masafume work on it?
Mn: would like to, but couldn't do much in the next three-four weeks.
Jb: would anyone else like to take on?
The W3C tool is written in Perl.  Find it at
No one leapt in to the breach.
Jb: back to PowerPoint conversion items.  Had someone said there was a
decent dump from PowerPoint to HTHL. 
The answer was that the conversion is crappy.

6. Discussion of Deliverable List and Priorities
Jb: gave some background

Kc: will integrate the TIDE information

Ja: there is already an Articles, Chapters ,Books… would this be a place to
put the press compilation activity?
Jb: No - this is specifically for book, chapters, modules etc.
Ss: should indicate the priorities on the index
Hb: should be sorted in some meaningful way.
Jb: how would you suggest ordering them?

Wl: what is the method for keeping the document updated? E.g. knows we have
started the policy reference area even though the draft indicates that it
is not started.

Hb: how will this be used: will only EO people look at it.  If others will
use it publicly, then it might need a different structure.
Jb: currently in a public space. Has some concerns that outsiders will take
this as firm commitments.  Do we need a more private space to work in.
Comments: Kc: yes.
Jb: would have to look at the security aspects. 
Anon: should have a standard disclaimer up front. Seconded by Chuck.

Anon: we need to include a "Done" priority (e.g. on CSS2 and HTML4 new
access features).
Ss: what is "User Information & Involvement/ Related Projects" that my name
appears against.
Pb: interested in that particular strand as well.
Action Item: Judy, Sheila and Peter will have an off-line call about User
Information & Involvement/ Related Projects.
Some discussion of "Scenario" section. William offered to take on
Scenarios.  William should try to get info about any existing work from Kitch.
Ja: Judy can edit the Events Calendar section to indicate the definite
status: ongoing - remove Judy, and question marks. Under notes, say,
"please submit".
Hb: on tables! Would change it to examples of tables rather than
implementation of table.  

7. Meeting Schedule for July, August.

Jb: thinking it was unrealistic to meet weekly. Now we have the
deliverable/priority list.  There will be a face-to-face in Peterborough on
the 24-25.
What about July 30? Some people not available.

Some discussion of Peterborough Agenda.

Action Item: Judy will post revised meeting schedule.

Meeting adjourned at 12:07 EDT

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