[minutes will be posted separately]

+ WL, CL, SS, PB, JB will help review draft quick-brochure if Judy can get
it out tomorrow
+ Jim will check with Kitch about style sheet on events listing
+ JB will look at shell account access needs over the next two months
+ JB will put WWW8 Conference on EOWG agenda for additional discussion
+ JA & KB will list criteria for listing conferences on events calendar:
e.g., conferences that provide awareness opportunities, or conferences that
focus on design & development
+ JA & KB will brainstorm on-going ways to solicit input on events, looking
for a variety of mechanisms
+ JB will add "compile press listing" to deliverables list & work with Ron
Fink on this
+ SS will send Web 98 Conf info to JA & KB
+ JB will re-find IETF conference listing & get to Jim & Kitch
+ JA & KB will add a "covered-or-not field"
+ JB will send note to Ian about style sheet input, did he use it for DOM
+ JB will send note to Hakon about input on style sheets from Geoff & Peter
+ MN will talk with DD about HTML Slidemaker Tool
+ KC will integrate WAI-TIDE stuff in same format & give to JB
+ JB will indicate on the index the priority of items, and order by
priority within sections
+ JB will add a disclaimer to planning document in case public views it
+ JB will downgrade CSS1&2 curricula, fix priority of that, change status
on policy references, fix "done" priorities, change "example tables",
update "scenarios" owners, etc. 
+ SS & PB & JB will have a three-way conversation on user involvement &
other project modules
+ KC will write up a "wish-list" of demographic questions (this was at the
end of the call) and some initial thoughts on compiling/interpreting
existing demographics, and will take ownership of that item
+ JB will write & send Peterborough agenda to meeting registrants
+ Next meetings Peterborough face-to-face July 24, then July 30, August 13,
August 27
+ JB will request INRIA bridge for those calls 
+ JB will explore another time slot


CL Chuck Letourneau
GF Geoff Freed
HB Harvey Bingham
JA Jim Allen
JB Judy Brewer
KC Kevin Carey
MN Masafumi Nakane
PB Peter Bosher
SS Sheela Sethuraman
WM William Loughborough
KB Kitch Barnicle (not present but got assigned items jointly with Jim...)
DD Daniel Dardailler (not here either)

Judy Brewer     617-258-9741
Director, Web Accessibility Initiative International Program Office
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
MIT/LCS Room NE43-355
545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA 02139 USA

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