To complement Geoff's evaluation as agreed, I looked at these using
pwWebSpeak, LYNX under UNIX (V2.8.2) with Vocal-Eyes screen-reader,
and IE3.02 with Window-Eyes

Whilst pages which say they "use style-sheets", such as (www.w3.org/)
/style/ and /stylesheets/core/ are perfectly readable, I had no success in
getting to the sample documents using the form at
/stylesheets/core/preview/.    In all cases, whether I selected a
stylesheet, or none/default, submitting the form simply resulted in the same
page (i.e. the page with the form on it) being returned.

The form itself was dealt with by LYNX and IE3 in the normal way, though
pwWebSpeak didn't recognise all the selections.

I may be missing something, but the issue seems to be that I don't have
access to those sample documents at all via this route.


On 1998-07-06 Geoff_Freed@wgbh.org said:
   >At Judy Brewer's request, I tested the W3C's core style sheet
   >examples using various screen readers and browsers.  Below are my
   >Geoff Freed
   >Project Manager, Web Access Project
   >CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
   >WGBH Educational Foundation
   >Accessibility Evaluation of W3C Core Style Sheets (http://www.w3.
   >Computers used in this evaluation:
   >-- Power Macintosh 4400/200; system 7.5.3
   >-- Gateway 2000 Pentium; 200 Mhz; Windows 95
   >Browsers used:
   >-- IE 4 (Mac and PC)
   >-- Netscape Communicator (Mac and PC)
   >-- MacLynx (Mac)
   >Screen readers used:
   >-- outSPOKEN (Mac)
   >-- JAWS 3.0 (PC)
   >The good news is, I was able to read just about everything properly
   >using JAWS and outSPOKEN, with two exceptions:
   >1.  outSPOKEN does not recognize radio buttons.  Thus, I was unable
   >to choose any of the style sheets unless I used the mouse.
   >2.  On the "HTML Elements Sampler" page, the following paragraph is
   >used to illustrate examples of superscript and subscript:
   >"This is big. This is small. This is SAMP. This is sub. This is sup.
   >This is S. This is strike, etc."
   >"This is sub" appears below the line as subscript; "this is sup"
   >appears above the line as superscript.  Using IE4 with outSPOKE
   >Finally, using MacLynx with outSPOKEN, I was able to access every
   >page as well as the radio buttons.  Links were shown in bold,

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