Phone #'s and Agenda for WAI EO meeting July 2

Hello WAI EO Members,

Call date: Thursday July 2
Call time: 10:30-12:00 US EDT

Phone numbers:
In US: +1.617.258.7910
In France: +44.1 5678 1492

Please note minutes of last call are linked from WAI EO home page which is


1. Review of pending action items:
- slide set curricula -- assign or arrange subcontracts
- slide sets -- compile existing
- powerpoint -- check accessibility
- sample table, forms -- assign or arrange subcontracts
- status of group contacts
- WAI-TIDE/RNIB workpackage listing
- reference card
- interactive Web site / CD
- events calendar
- timeline & deliverables
- promotional materials

2. Brainstorm on business case outline
- impact on size of product or service market:
  -- what are benefits to maintaining existing customer base
  -- what new customer base will be attracted
  -- demographic data to support assertions
- contractual obligations to address accessibility
  -- legal/regulatory considerations
  -- other?
- return-on-investment (ROI) considerations 
  -- gaps which need to be addressed to attain improved level of accessibility
  -- what level of accessibility investment brings what return on
- potential models for addressing accessibility, considering ROI
  -- implementing policies for new pages/sites
  -- retrofitting existing pages/sites
- availability of resources to address
  -- page author guidelines (still significantly unstable)
  -- eventually improved authoring tools (still months off)
  -- toolkit synchronized with WAI PAG (still months off)
  -- instructional materials on PAG
- intangible value-added from addressing accessibility
  -- positive PR from "doing the right thing"

3. Core style sheets review

4. Timeline & deliverables

5. Future meetings
- schedules
- agenda including for face-to-face meeting
Judy Brewer     617-258-9741
Director, Web Accessibility Initiative International Program Office
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
MIT/LCS Room NE43-355
545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA 02139 USA

Received on Thursday, 2 July 1998 01:20:16 UTC