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K-12 web repair activity

From: Kasday, Leonard R (Len), ALTEC <kasday@att.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 08:51:35 -0500
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Here's a suggested deliverable for EO in possible partnership with RC.

The basic idea is to provide teaching modules for kids in grades, say,
2-12 (or lower grades for advanced kids) to

   1. evaluate a web site for accessibility
   2. make one or more simple fixes themselves (e.g. missing ALT text)
   3. send fixed page(s) to webmaster with note asking if they would fix
actual site, 
       considering "it's so simple that kids can do it".

Kids could work in teams.  Optimally, the teams would include one or
more kids with a disability.  Or all kids could have a disability, in
which case they would ask a friend or family member to help by e.g.
describing images if all team members are blind. 

Kids would offer story to local newspaper to reward cooperating
businesses with positive publicity or, as last resort for
non-cooperating businesses, help apply pressure.  I would expect high
probability of success, especially if suitable web sites  are chosen
(e.g. local business, simple sites, simple access problems).

This module would benefit kids by learning about
   1. designing web pages
   2. access for people with disabilities
   3. how to make pages accessible
   4. how to be an effective advocate

It would also raise awareness for accessibility, and give the kids an
advocacy experience.  I'd expect a positive advocacy experience if
suitable web sites are chosen.


If this seems attractive, I'll bring it to RC for help in creating tools
suitable for the kids to use.  We're still in the charter stage, so I'd
bring it up as a possible charter item.  I'm hoping this will help
generate some discussion in the group, and maybe attract more members if
I post to IG list.  So this is an additional reason I'd like to pursue

I would also be personally glad to help... although I would need to work
with people with experience in k-12 education.  I haven't taught at
those grade levels and am not familiar with how to create materials that
would be most helpful to teachers.

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