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From: Jerry Jackson <njkioer4@korealink.co.kr>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 07:29:59 -2000
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If your interested in putting your product or service in
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 Commercial Email!


 Because there is no charge for paper, printing, mailing or
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 By placing your ad directly into the e-mail boxes of
consumers who, like you, have an Internet e-mail address. 
Almost every user of the Internet has a unique e-mail
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 Every year the number of users increases tremendously
creating a huge market. Why not become part of this
unlimited market by placing your personal ad in one of
the largest consumer databases?

 We are interested in doing business with you, however,
we DO NOT do pornography or schemes of any kind. Please
call us with your legitimate product or service.

 Some of you may not be interested at all, and possibly
are agitated by our message. We will respectfully remove
you from our list by request. We are responsible commercial
e-mailers and don't want to bother those who 
are not interested. We not only respect you, but also
our customers. We do not want our customers spending
their advertising dollars on prospects that do not have
any interest. 

(Decline instructions are at the end of this letter.)

 Below you will find basic mailing options we are offering
at this time. Check out our SPECIALS! 

Commercial Email Gets Results!

Untargeted mailings:   

1,000,000 E-mails for U.S $500.00

2,000,000 E-mails for U.S $900.00

3,000,000 E-mails for U.S $1200.00

4,000,000 E-mails for U.S $1400.00

For Professional Advertising Campaigns at Affordable Prices
Call 818-743-7507

By utilizing our resources and technology we have achieved
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This message is an advertisement. We will continue to 
bring you valuable permission based messages on the
products and services that interest you most unless
you wish to decline.  If you no longer wish to receive
our messages send a e-mail to:
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