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From: <samuel_m@post.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 12:42:29 +0100
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My dear,
   Good day. Please, I got your contact information in your   county's
directory on the internet during my desperate search   for a reputable person from your country,who will assist me   i n  relocating and accomodating some family funds which   requires absolute secrecy and urgency.
  I am Samuel Metu Savimbi jnr, the second son of Mr.Jonas  Savimbi.My
father was the former Leader of Unita Rebel   Movement in Angola, and was killed in a millitary raid by our country's ruling government army,on 22nd february,2002. 
 After my fathers death,our country's governmnet immediately seized 
  my father's properties and blocked his accounts.This has 
 made life very difficult for my family presently, as we live now  
 with nothing and no source of livelihood. I therefore 
 decided   to leave my country to South Africa, to make  arrangements
on    how to secure our remaining and secret family fortune; the  sum
of Eighteen Million and Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars [US$18.6m]which my father had deposited in  two  trunk boxes with a Finance and Security Company in South    Africa and awaiting instructions to be moved to its	 destination before he was killed.
   Please, I have not discussed this issue with anyother  person   or
body outside the Finance and Security Company,and if you    are not capable of handling this project for my family,please   do not disclose this issue to anyother 
 person. The movement of this money out of South Africa to the
Europe office of  the Finance and Security Company where it will be
cleared will  not be a problem, as  the services of a Diplomatic Cargo   
Company has been arranged to handle this and the document 
covering the fund and its deposit is with my mother who is  
solidly behind me.
   This is actually what I want you to do for my family: 
   1. We want you to be presented to the finance and security  
  company as the person we contacted to assist us in clearing 
   and accomodating this money when it gets to their Europe   
 office.And with your name,the necessary documents guiding its 
   movement out of Africa will be prepared.
   2. To assist us in accomodating and managing this money in 
 a   good and profitable business in your country, where I will 
   come to settle down.  Please,I hope you will grant and view this very request 
 with   favour and much understanding of my family's situation.
Thank  you,while expecting your urgent response to my request.
   Best Regards,
   Samuel Metu Savimbi 
   and family.
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