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ATAG2: Proposed intent text and examples for B.2.2.6

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 16:25:08 -0400
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B.2.2.6 Status Report: Authors can receive an accessibility status 
report based on the results of the accessibility checks. (Level AA)
Note: The format of the accessibility status is not specified. For 
example, the status might be a listing of problems detected or a WCAG 
2.0 conformance level, etc.

Intent of Success Criterion B.2.2.6:

The intent of this success criterion is to ensure that authors are able 
to obtain an overview of the accessibility status of their web content. 
This information has many uses, including the assessment of repair 
options, progress monitoring and performance reporting.

The intent of the note is to be clear that no particular format is 
required, since this will depend on the nature of the authoring tool and 
its checking feature.

Examples of Success Criterion B.2.2.6:

List of accessibility problems: A step-by-step checking feature ends 
provides a single consolidated list of all of the web content 
accessibility problems that were detected. Direct links are provided to 
additional help and repair assistance for each type of accessibility 

Conformance level report: A check-as-you-type checking feature 
highlights accessibility problems that can be automatically detected 
directly within a WYSIWYG editing view. The author controls the 
strictness of the automatic checking from a preferences screen, where 
they select the target WCAG 2.0 level. The overall status of of 
accessibility checking is available on the application status bar, which 
lists the target WCAG 2.0 level and the number of outstanding problems 
that can be automatically detected. A link to the remaining manual 
checks is also provided.
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