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It pays to react to sound investment advice

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Upside International - Searching Out Stocks with Big Upside Potential...that 
have gone unnoticed until now.

Upside International uncovers unusual trends and activity in stocks. We look 
for signs of block trades and insider purchasing in order to uncover insight into 
uncommon trends.

Eight weeks ago, on Sept. 4, we highlighted SUQU at .57. We set the target 
price at 1.20. It hit a high of 1.18 -- we were very close. Our last pick was 
TRHL at .74 on Oct. 3. Target was 1.13, it hit 1.20.
Our focus now is on Life Energy & Technology Holdings


New trading range (as of 11/7/03): Target -- 2.56.

This past week, a Long White Candlestick formed, and pressure was strong. 
The stock is in position to explode into all-time record high territory. A bullish 
gap occurred last week, which indicates an upward breakout is imminent. Stock 
volume is accelerating while LETH has just started an unusual trading pattern. 
Large blocks of shares are being bought. Is this an indication of something? 
Either an institution or large investors are picking up LETH.
We have been seeing indicators with LETH: The 20 - 50 Day MACD 
Oscillator is now indicating an uptrend, 20 Day Bollinger Bands have moved 
into an upgrade indication.
Life Energy & Technology Holdings (LETH) is rapidly becoming a leader in 
the alternative waste-to-energy sector by efficiently processing waste materials 
into electricity and other beneficial by-products. LETH's Biosphere Process 
converts into clean, "green electricity" such waste materials as: Municipal 
waste, agricultural waste, forestry wastes, agricultural and industrial effluents, 
medical wastes, industrial wastes, used tires, sewage sludge, shale oil, sour 
natural gas and many other traditional and non-traditional waste materials.
LETH has announced various contractual sales this year combined to exceed 
$150 Million, and recently reported an equity investment into the Company of 
roughly $10 Million along with funding per a loan agreement for 
the manufacture of Biosphere Processing Units in the United States.
Certain statements contained in this newsletter may be forward-looking 
statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 
of 1995. These statements may be identified by such terms as "expect", 
"believe", "may", "will", and "intend" or similar terms. We are not a registered 
investment advisor or a broker dealer. This is not an offer to buy or sell 
securities. No recommendation that the securities of the companies profiled 
should be purchased, sold or held by individuals or entities that learn of the 
profiled companies. This is an independent electronic publication that was paid 
five thousand dollars by a third party for the electronic dissemination of this 
company information. Be advised that investments in companies profiled are 
considered to be high-risk and use of the information provided is for reading 
purposes only. If anyone decides to act as an investor they are advised not to 
invest without the proper guidance from a financial advisor or a registered 
financial broker. If any party decides to participate as an investor then it will be 
that investor's sole risk. Be advised that the purchase of such high-risk 
securities may result in the loss of some or all of the investment. Investors 
should not rely solely on the information presented. Rather, investors should 
use the information provided in this newsletter as a starting point for doing 
additional independent research on the profiled companies in order to allow the 
investor to form their own opinion regarding investing in the profiled 
companies. Factual statements made about the profiled companies are made as 
of the date stated and are subject to change without notice. Investing in micro-
cap securities is highly speculative and carries an extremely high degree of risk. 
All information provided about the profiled companies may include 
information provided by outside sources, such as research reports, public 
filings, and information provided by management of the profiled company. 
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