Re: Intent of translation of WCAG 2.2 into French

Dear all,

Following our message from 25 July 2022 indicating our intention to become Lead Translator Organization, LTO, of WCAG 2.2 into French, please find below the list of 47 stakeholders who accepted to participate in the translation committee that will review the translation.
The stakeholders are based in the following French speaking countries:

·         Belgium: 4 organizations

·         Canada/ Quebec: 7 organizations

·         Denmark: 1 organization

·         France: 27 organizations

·         Luxembourg: 3 organizations

·         Switzerland: 4 organizations

·         Tunisia: 1 organization
Among the 47 organizations, 28 participated in the French authorized translation of WCAG 2.1<>

Please find below a list of the organizations classified by sector and in an alphabetical order.

We will start working on the translation as soon as we get the confirmation to do so.

Best regards

Sylvie Duchateau and Audrey Maniez - Access42

List of stakeholders who agreed to participate in the review of the translation

A.  Associations of and for people with disabilities (6)

1)  AnySurfer, Belgium , Sophie Schuermans, Consultant and trainer in digital accessibility
AnySurfer is a project from the Belgian association ASBL Solidarité en vue. Our goal is making the digital world more accessible for people with disabilities. We provide trainings in digital accessibility, audits of web sites, mobile applications or documents and we advise our clients while creating new web sites.

2)  APF France Handicap, France , Vincent Aniort, A11Y Champion
APF France handicap is the most important French organization officially recognized as beneficial to the public, to defend and represent people with disabilities and their relatives.
Created in 1933, it was known and recognized until April 2018 under the name “Association des paralysés de France”, APF France handicap regroups nearly 100 000 actors: members, elected representatives, employees, voluntary workers, users, not to mention tens of thousands of donors and sympathizers.
APF France handicap carries humanist, militant and social values, and a project of general interest for an inclusive society showing solidarity with each other.
The association acts for equal rights, citizenship and social participation and the free choice of lifestyle for people with disabilities and their family.
APF France handicap has a special consulting status at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2021.

3)  Daisy Consortium, Switzerland, Romain Deltour, Software and standards development
The DAISY Consortium was founded in May 1996 by several libraries providing audiobooks to create digital books. Creates the DAISY format Digital Talking Books (DTB), then plays a key role in the development of the ePub format. Inside of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and the W3C. The Consortium gathers around 70 nonprofit organizations that support the accessible e-book publishing. DAISY and ePub standards have improved reading for people who cannot read printed documents because of a visual, motor, perceptual, growing, cognitive or learning disability. All information should be accessible to people with disabilities at the same time and at the same cost with an accessible format and functionalities.

4)  Eqla, Belgium, Serge Denis, Coordinator and trainer in digital accessibility
Eqla is a Belgian association acting daily with and for blind and partially sighted people. Since 1922 and thanks to different proximity services, Eqla promotes their inclusion in the society in building with them solutions for their independence and self-fulfillment: global and personalized support, training for new technologies, access to cultural and leisure activities...
Eqla also provides trainings and animations about visual impairment, to inform public and professionals about the realities of visual impairment.
Through their Accessia service, the inclusive web agency, Eqla teaches people with disabilities, in their work agreement, how to create accessible web sites, and how to review internet site accessibility.
The word Eqla comes from the word’s éclat for splinter, balance and fairness. So is the letter E in the Eqla logo constituted of three accents representing the eyelashes.

5)  Fédération des Aveugles de France, France, Katie Durand, Digital accessibility expert
The Fédération des Aveugles et Amblyopes de France gathers militants, users, professionals, voluntary workers who are involved together for a better social and economic inclusion of people with visual impairment. For several years, it has been developing expertise on digital uses of people with visual impairment. It also works to provide better knowledge of how important accessibility of digital products and services should be taken into account.

6)  Regroupement des aveugles et amblyopes du Québec, Quebec/Canada, Guillaume d’Amour, Digital accessibility expert
Promotes rights and interests of people with visual impairment.

B.  Public Organizations (6)

7)  Banque de France, France, Marie Bitschené, CPI dev line Front
Banque de France stands for French Central Bank. Banque de France is involved in the accessibility approach.

8)  Caisse des dépôts, France, Yann Goupil, Digital accessibility champion
Every day, the 120 000 people working at Caisse des Dépôts group are put to work for all territories – from the largest to the smallest– and for all French people. We support public policies, and work for an economic, social and long-lasting development.
Serving the general interest means protecting savings of French people, supporting our economy, but also facilitating the daily life of all and helping the weakest people.

9)  DILA, France, Alain BATIFOL, Digital Accessibility Expert
The direction de l’information légale et administrative (DILA) stands for direction for legal and administrative information. It is a direction for the central administration of the Prime Minister’s services, under the authority of government’s general secretary.
They edit and publish 9 web sites including, Légifrance and
Accessibility belongs to the fundamental values that are carried by the entity. The daily investment of all officers in this field for the sites’ conception as well as their evolution is awarded by the obtained results. was stated to fully conform to the criteria of the French framework RGAA 4 with a conformance rate of 100 %.

10)       État de Genève (state of Geneva), Switzerland, Julien Conti, Accessibility Expert
My work at the state of Geneva relies in evaluating the accessibility of web sites and applications for the public. In parallel, I organize together with different other contributors accessibility awareness raising sessions for project managers and web developers.

11)       Service information et presse du gouvernement luxembourgeois, Luxembourg, Alain Vagner, digital accessibility champion
The press and information service is in charge of awareness raising about and the monitoring of digital accessibility in Luxembourg as well as complaint management regarding digital accessibility.

12)       SNCF, France, Nicolas CHARDON, leader of the digital accessibility department
To allow all their customers to access mobility solutions regardless of their disability, SNCF group do their best to make their digital services and tools accessible for their customers with disabilities.

C.   Ministries (4)
13)       CTIE, Luxembourg, Marie BAUDY, Responsible for UX
CTIE helps public organizations in setting up accessible internet web sites (provision of a content management system, design, integration, advise for the creation, trainings, accessibility audits.

14)       Direction interministérielle du numérique (DINUM), France, DesignGouv, Director of the accessibility program
Carries states digital strategy. Representation of French authorities at the WADCOM, WADEX European committees. Responsible for the evolution and the publication of the French accessibility framework (RGAA). Promotion, awareness raising, workshops, webinars on design and digital accessibility. Publication and management of the Observatory of the quality of the most used 250 processes that contains a performance indicator related to disabilities. Helping and supporting ministries providing administrative processes so that their accessibility can be improved. Contributing to the changes of legislative and statutory documents on digital including digital accessibility. Contributing to the writing of interdepartmental framework agreements related to digital accessibility and inclusive design. Participating in events promoting digital accessibility. Developing shared tools related with digital accessibility. Writing of tutorials of best practices. Animating communities. Publishing podcasts and videos on accessibility and inclusive design.

15)       Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques, France, Isabelle RAVET, Accessibility expert
The Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (national Institute for statistics and economical studies) collects, produces, analyses and provides information on French Economy and society. Concerned about addressing all citizens, Insee designed since 2015 an accessibility champion and constituted an internal network of experts in charge of awareness raising, training, support of development, editorial teams, monitoring of technical and legal development as well as audits.

16)       Ministère de l'Économie, des Finances et de la Souveraineté Industrielle et Numérique - Service de la communication, France, Alexandra GUIDERDONI, Internet Project Manager
The Office Assistance et Technologies Numériques at the communication service of the French Finance Ministry, (service de la communication du ministère de l'Économie, des Finances et de la Souveraineté Industrielle et Numérique) manages the communication information system.
As part of this role, it provides project management assistance for projects involving the creation or overhaul of the Ministry's communication websites, bringing its technical and organizational expertise to bear on the Ministry's directorates and departments in charge and the various parties involved in this type of project (development team, other business units, GIS, etc.). Government Design System, cybersecurity, digital accessibility, eco-design, web quality assurance and dissemination of digital culture are the main issues handled by the office.

D.  Universities (3)

17)       Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, France, Jerome DUPIRE, Teacher and researcher
Institute working on training and research, CNAM welcomes adults in a training context during all their lives, as well as de and young people attending initial training. The research laboratories hosted at CNAM cover the fields of human sciences and engineering. Digital accessibility is taught in several CNAM curricula and build a research topic for researchers.

18)       Université de Bordeaux, France, Endjy GUERCHET, Digital Accessibility champion
The University of Bordeaux is a multidisciplinary research university and receives 48 000 students. Since 2015, digital accessibility has been integrated in their policy for disability. An accessibility champion has been designed ever since and he promotes the first multiannual accessibility scheme that has been adopted by the university’s executive board in 2020.

19)       Université de La Réunion, France, Pierre REYNAUD, Digital accessibility champion
The university of La Réunion has been already initiating a digital accessibility process for several years. In particular, it has been implemented by the employment in September 2019 of a digital accessibility champion. In addition, several trainings have been provided to the staff. In accordance with the French law, the university has also set up a digital accessibility scheme running over 2022-2025.

E.   Research institutes (1)

20)       Research Lab LaTICE, University of Tunis, Tunisia, Achraf OTHMAN, Researcher
The LaTICE laboratory was created in November 2011 after the merging of both research unities: the research unity in information technologies and telecommunications (UTIC) and the systemic, energetic, product and environment research unity, (SEPE). The research activities of the laboratory rely mainly upon the four following topics: digital accessibility, eLearning, grid computing and Parallelism.

F.   Private organizations specialized in digital accessibility (13)

21)       Access42, France, Audrey Maniez, co-CEO, Web accessibility expert
Candidate for leading this translation LTO, Access42 has been working since 2014 to improve web and mobile accessibility for people with disabilities in providing trainings, audits, advice on writing web accessibility conformance statements for organizations from the public and private sector. Access42 coordinated WCAG 2.1 French authorized translation that was published in July 2022.

22)       Agence SAT, Canada, Marc Tremblay, CEO and advisor in digital accessibility
We are an interdisciplinary consultant agency that promotes a human-centered inclusive approach. The team is constituted of a diversity of staff members with different abilities and different life experiences and complementary expertise. This wide diversity defines our relationships with our partners, staff members and customers. We want to share the advantages of a diversified team, in a spirit of creating together with kindliness for an inclusive management and design approach.
Our mission relies in supporting all organizations willing to transform their digital environment in a more inclusive way, to better meet the needs of their different users (managers, employees, customers, students, etc.).
We provide advising services, technical services and research services in UX accessibility. We have developed the toolbox that helps provide accessibility professionals with tools helping them in their daily role.

23)       Alain Gravelet, Canada, Alain Gravelet, Web accessibility expert
I am an expert in web and mobile accessibility. I provide trainings, audits, advising, support.

24)       Alsacréations, France, Philippe Vayssière, Accessibility expert, front-end developer
The Alsacréations web agency is specialized in digital accessibility, develops projects of sites and applications, from design until hosting over development that conforms to standards, with or without CMS. It is also a professional training organization. They support public and private organizations in improving accessibility and audit of their web services. They run the learning and sharing community and they published many books at the Eyrolles Editions.

25)       Atalan, France, Romain Desjardins, Digital accessibility consultant
Atalan is specialized in digital accessibility since 2002, and they act as independent expert in conducting accessibility audits, providing accessibility trainings and providing advice and support in digital projects.

26)       Copsaé, France, Julie MOYNAT, Web accessibility consultant and website developer
Copsaé means Cooperation for meaningful web projects, accessibility and ethic. It is an expertise and advising activity in web accessibility that develops accessible web sites. It is supported by the activity and employment cooperative "l'Ouvre-Boîtes" in Nantes.

27)       Digita11y, France
Olivier Nourry, Consultant
Olivier is an independent consultant and trainer. He has contributed to various extents to the AccessiWeb and RGAA standards and has been involved in the translations of WCAG 2.0 and 2.1.

28)       Eleven Ways, Belgium, Régine Lambrecht, Accessibility expert
Eleven Ways is a Belgian advising office providing services for digital accessibility to government organizations, product teams and digital agencies. We provide services for auditing, training, user testing, laboratory of empathy and supporting services for conformance to international accessibility standards.

29)       Empreinte Digitale, France, Simon Bonaventure, Accessibility department leader
Empreinte Digitale is a cooperative company that develops customized digital solutions. Our team of 66 involved people relies on four areas of expertise and advises you on all your strategy of sustainable digital. Empreinte Digitale has been working for digital accessibility for more than 15 years. For example, we have worked between 2014 and 2017 on building the resources of the French framework RGAA 3, we were also one of the organizations that delivered the e-accessible logos for the French government institution DINUM. At last, we maintain a browser extension that helps experts conducting RGAA audits.

30)       Ideance, France, Sébastien Delorme, Digital accessibility expert
Ideance is a company that provides expertise on digital accessibility. We work for private companies and public organizations, in France and in Europe, to help them take disabilities into account in their digital content and services.

31)       IPEDIS, France, Stéphanie Demeyer, Director digital accessibility advisor
IPEDIS was founded in 2006 with one vision: making digital accessibility a standard that benefits to all. It is recognized as a company with social utility, since 2017, we work daily for accessibility on our projects as well as the projects of our customers.
IPEDIS provides: accessibility audits, assistance development teams, pluriannual accessibility schemes, and training in digital accessibility.
The Consulting department, that is led by Stéphanie Demeyer advising director, is a team of 17 people with diverse profiles: editorial, technical, development, project management... They work for our customers, mainly big companies and public organizations occasionally or for a long-term support.
IPEDIS's mission is to develop accessibility in companies and to raise awareness for professionals working in the digital field.

32)       mc2i, France, Gaëtan Robine, Partner & director of the accessibility provision
mc2i is an advising agency working on digital transformation and that has been helping large private companies and public organizations, from all sectors, to innovate and take opportunities provided by digital since more than 32 years, taking humans into account.

33)       Temesis, France, Arnaud Delafosse, Quality and web accessibility expert
Created in 2000, Temesis is an advising company in sustainable digital, specialized in digital accessibility, eco conception and conformance to GDPR.

G.  Private companies working in the digital field (6)

34)       Agile Partner, Luxembourg, Christian Jolas, Senior UX Consultant
Agile partner develops solutions for agile methodologies, digital eco conception and digital accessibility. Main clients are Luxembourg and European organizations and institutions. They are setting up measures for sustainable digital, and digital accessibility is an important part of these measures. They are training their employees (around 12 people) on digital accessibility. They are conducting their first accessibility audits.

35)       INEAT, France, Alexis Degryse, Web developer
INEAT has been created for 17 years and is the first company that took off thanks to Euratechnologies, France's biggest incubator, INEAT regroups today 200 people in Lille, Paris and Montreal.
Over the years, this company that provides digital services and supports large, middle size and small national companies, is specialized in digital transformation. For this reason, INEAT acts for the companies' competitiveness: aligning strategies, co-creating and co-chairing conditions of success and continuously innovating customer experience.
Their brand name: designing and chairing for a long time a unique customer experience in associating technological know-how with profession strategies, marketing and information system.
INEAT employs two web developers who have both Access42 and Opquast certifications. One of them is champion is this domain inside of the CCDP (Customer and Commerce Digital Platform) team from the shop Leroy Merlin, the other is a champion inside of INEAT service center.

36)       Kleegroup, France, Théo Lataste, Web developer
Kleegroup works together with social ministries. Consequently, digital accessibility is one of their main concerns. In particular, they work for<> and<>

37)       OnePoint, France, Gaël Poupard, Lead tech
OnePoint is a company providing digital services specialized in accompanying their customer's transformation from end to end, with a strong expertise in all digital professions. Accessibility is an emerging profession, that is strengthened by profiles with diverse experiences. Onepoint conducts initiatives against discriminations whatever they are, from recruitment to representation.

38)       SiteImprove, Denmark, Jean-Yves Moyen, Principal Software Developer
SiteImprove is a web site analysis SAS platform. Automated accessibility tests are performed with the Alpha tool, developed by the company internally. Manual tests are performed by a team based in the United States. SiteImprove is co-responsible for the W3C community group Act Rules, that harmonizes and develops tests rules integrated into WCAG 2.2 supporting documents.

39)       Telono SA, Switzerland, Laetitia Giannettini, Human Factor for interactive systems
Telono is a consultant agency specialized in the UX design of interactive systems according to the user centered process including digital accessibility.

H.  Companies working in the field of telecommunications (2)

40)       Nokia, France, Marc-Etienne Vargneau, Open Source Expert
Nokia is a worldwide leader in the field of telecommunications. Thanks to their dedicated service for people with disabilities, Nokia Networks France promotes employment of people with disabilities.

41)       Salt Mobile SA, Switzerland,  Lena Chandelier, Front-end Team Lead and Accessibility Specialist
Front-end lead developer and digital accessibility specialist working for a telecom operator. Management of digital accessibility inside of her company (accessible developments, awareness raising at the different departments, audits, management of external service providers in the field of digital accessibility).

I.   Other public organizations (3)

42)       ETNIC, Belgium, Sandra Velarde Gonzalez, responsible for digital accessibility
Public IT partner of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, an institution serving French-speakers in Brussels and Wallonia.
ETNIC provides many IT services such as web site and application development, forms development, network administration in the fields of education, culture, sport, youth assistance, scientific research and justice. The organization also monitors accessibility in the field of the EU directive, and development of more than 500 sites and applications, it employs 359 people.

43)       Hydro-Québec, Canada, Rocío Alvarado, digital accessibility advisor
Hydro-Québec is a Quebec state company in charge of production, transportation, supply of electricity in Quebec. Founded in 1944, their only stockholder is the Quebec government. Hydro-Québec commit themselves to facilitate access to their web sites for all people, with or without disabilities.

44)       Radio-Canada, Canada, Desilets Julie, Director, Design Strategy, and User Experience
Canadian public broadcaster, Radio-Canada's mission is to inform, enlighten, and entertain Canadian citizens through content broadcasted on its various TV, radio, and digital platforms. Since 2016, Radio-Canada has implemented digital accessibility standards to guide various contributors (development, design, editing) involved in platform development.

J.   Others (3)

45)       Arthur Rigaud, Canada
Independent, Digital accessibility expert
As a digital accessibility expert, I advise agencies and clients on punctual missions. Training, review of UX experience for prototypes and code. Testing and training of the teams for accessibility testing.

46)       Desjardins, Canada, Patrick Demers, Accessibility advisor
I work in the biggest financial company in North America. Its role and its social involvement make accessibility the continuation of their mission. Because of the LAPHO, we must be WCAG compliant, and we are involved with organizations who help the different accessibility customers.

47)       SNCF Connect & Tech, France, Romain Gervois, Expert in digital accessibility.
Editor of the digital client software solutions of the SNCF group

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De : Sylvie Duchateau <>
Date : lundi, 25 juillet 2022 à 11:17
À : <>
Cc : Audrey Maniez <>, Xueyuan <>, Shawn Henry <>
Objet : Intent of translation of WCAG 2.2 into French
Dear all,
following the Policy for W3C Authorized Translations, Step 1, at, as Lead Translator Organization, LTO of WCAG 2.1, we would like to inform you that Access42 intends to become LTO for the WCAG 2.2 Authorized W3C Translation into French as soon as WCAG 2.2 is finalized as a W3C recommendation.
Among the group of 41 stakeholders who participated in the translation of WCAG 2.1, more than 20 organizations belonging to French speaking countries (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Quebec/Canada…), involved in public sector administrations, companies working in the field of web accessibility, private companies, university, have already expressed their interest in continuing helping to review future translation works.
We will submit the list of interested organizations once WCAG 2.2 is finalized.
Best regards
Sylvie Duchateau and Audrey Maniez – Access42

Received on Thursday, 5 October 2023 13:21:55 UTC