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Authorized Translations are published on W3C site and can be used for 
official purposes. The Leading Translation Organization (LTO) transfers 
the copyright of the translation to W3C.

Volunteer (unofficial) Translations are normally published on the 
translators' own sites. The translator owns the translation and agrees 
that: 1) the translation may be redistributed according to the W3C 
Document license, and 2) W3C may rescind the right to publish or 
distribute the derivative work if the W3C finds that it leads to 
confusion regarding the original document's status or integrity.

You may find more details at:

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or more information.

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On 6/7/21 1:42 AM, Jens Oliver Meiert wrote:
> Hi W3C team and translators group—
> who owns the rights to unofficial, and who to authorized translations
> of W3C documents? (The translation itself, not the original, of
> course.)
> It’s not critical, just not clear to me.
> Thanks!
>   Jens,
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