[New CAT - step 5.3] Notification of Review Monitoring and Revision of Dutch CAT of WCAG2.1

Dear stakeholder organizations,

Thank you all for your kind reviews and comments on the CAT. After a
lengthy review period and many good discussions the LTO would hereby like
to issue a new version of the CAT based on the discussion and work done in
the previous months:


We believe this version covers all the comments received. Attached to this
mail is a list, in English and/or Dutch, of the points raised and how they
have been covered in the translation. This somtimes includes a short
summary of discussions during the review period and solutions.

We will now consult with the stakeholders to ask them to review the
translation and let us know if they consider it to be an accurate

Kindest regards,


Dr. Eric Velleman
Accessibility Foundation (LTO)

Received on Wednesday, 26 February 2020 14:58:41 UTC