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Fw: The largest database of dictionaries in the world

From: A Bagi <ahmed.bagi@virgin.net>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 12:03:01 +0100
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Subject: Become a GoMember and attract more clients!

        The only translators directory in 30 languages. 
      GoTranslators: www.gotranslators.com
      Contact: info@gotranslators.com

      Dear translator colleagues,

      Following our survey (the results of which will be published between 21st and 25th June), we have drawn a series of conclusions. These include the following: of all the tools available on GoTranslators, the word lists, glossaries and dictionaries are amongst the most popular.

      As we always try to give you what you want, we have decided to enlarge this database considerably.

      More than two thousand free references have been added to the database which now contains more than 4000 URLs.

      And we are proud to announce that GoTranslators now has the largest database of lexicological tools in the world.

      To help you get the most out of this huge mass of references, we have written a set of short instructions which you will find at: http://www.gotranslators.com/Dicohelp.php

      We hope you'll feel free to make suggestions for new dictionaries and do please tell everyone you know about this resource. Access is free to everyone and even to translators or students who are not GoTranslators members can access them from the homepage at: http://www.gotranslators.com/Public/ConsultEN.php

      We hope that this will help you as you go about your everyday work.


      Best regards,
      The GoTranslators team:

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