Reminder - Method for Paint and Solvent Odor

Please be aware that the submission date for proposal abstracts for NineSigma RFP 30365-8, "Development of Test Method for Paint and Solvent Odor" is Friday, April 30, 2004. If you have questions or would like to discuss this opportunity, please contact me.

Kevin C. Stark, Ph.D. 

Senior Program Manager
23825 Commerce Park, Suite A-1
Cleveland, OH 44122-5309 


NineSigma Funding Opportunity:
Development of Test Method for Paint and Solvent Odor

Funding Organization: General Motors Corporation 

Project Objective: NineSigma, representing General Motors Corporation is seeking proposals (technical and cost) for development of new test methods and instrumentation for rapid, repeatable assessment of the odor characteristics of paint materials and solvents. 

To enable more intelligent and faster assessment of odor characteristics, all of the following responses are of interest:
- New procedures which can utilize off-the shelf components to evaluate paint/solvent odor.
- Instrumentation systems that enable detection of paint/solvent odor.
- New sensor technologies which can enable the development of new systems.

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Anticipated project duration:
Phase 1 - Proof of concept demonstration in 6-9 months
Phase 2 - Follow-on development scope dependent on success of Phase 1

Proposal Abstracts Due: April 30, 2004

NineSigma Contact: Kevin C. Stark, Ph.D.

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