volunteering for a translation

Dear Sirs, dear Madams,

I would like to volunteer for the Italian translation of the document XML 
Schema Part 0: Primer, at the following url: 

I am deeply interested in "semantic web" and the like, my first choice 
would have been the RDF recommendation. However, since it was already 
translated in Italian, I chose to try with this one instead. I believe it 
would be a good excercise in order for me to better understand XML and 
subjects related.

I read your suggestions on 
Q-20000620.html>html, point 5.6 "Can I translate one of your 
specificaticons...?", and I would like to know more. Is there any current 
attempt to translate this document? If yes, is it possible ond how do I 
join this person or group? Should volunteer translators provide a complete 
xml or html document to be published "as-is" or would it be possible to 
provide just the text-version, not marked-up document?

I am Itallian, currently working in the private sector as purchase manager, 
I got a bachelor degree in "Scienze Politiche" (political sciences) and a 
Master degree in Economics, both in Italian universities. Should you need 
any further information on me, just let me know.

Thank you for your assistance, best regards

Massimo Fileni
via Acquasanta, 19/I
60030 San Marcello (AN)

Tel.: +39 0731 290161
e-mail: <mailto:maxfilen@tin.it>maxfilen<mailto:maxfilen@tin.it>@tin.it

Received on Monday, 15 July 2002 21:32:55 UTC