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Hello everybody,

Just a few comments:

At 22:52 01/09/05 +0400, TheCroll [] wrote:
>Hello everyone.
>That's quite a long letter, so those who are not interested or cannot
>help please don't waste time reading it. I invite everyone to check if
>the suggested corrections will ever be done.

They usually get done. But it may take a few days, and
sometimes some get forgotten. A gentle reminder, e.g.
after a week or two, is appreciated in such a case.

>2. The e-mail addresses of the following people are down.

>I may put at
>your disposal the mailer daemon's messages for all of these.

People often change their mail address. It's frustrating,
but it's not surprising.

>I ask everyone if this people are still needed in the lists? Should
>they be removed? Where are the logs of the messages they sent to W3C?
>What this people said?

People are often volunteering for a translation because they
are interested in a specification and they think it's nice
to be a translator. But then some of them find out that it's
actually quite a bit of work. And somehow, sooner or later,
they give up. But it's quite easy to forget to tell anybody
that you gave up, it sounds much less impressive than when
you plan to start.

I think we should take this as a strong compliment to those
who have actually worked hard and finished a translation!

Also, if one (or even more) translations are available,
it may make sense to remove the other volunteers from
the list.

>It became a common practice
>to change URIs of the documents without any announcements.

If you really have to change an URI, please announce it to this list.

>9. Nikolay Gradetskiy and Irina V Smith wished to start a new
>translation. The reason I write this is to find a group of Russian
>people for on-line communicating and translating. I apply for
>information to Martin and other W3C members.

What kind of information are you looking for?

>You have enough
>experience with online communicating so why not help us to do the work
>we can do *together*. This way we could translate large specs quickly
>and efficiently.

Well, I think the main points would be:

- Create a list of the important terms and their translations.
- Split up the spec.
- Do the translations.
- Review each other's work.

>11. These links would be appropriate for those who are interested in
>Russian translations.
>1. http://Croll.HotBox.Ru/W3C/Consortium/Translation/russian.html in
>http://Croll.HotBox.Ru/W3C/Consortium/Translation/russian-ru.html in

The equivalent pages with only the finished translations are listed
at W3C provides
lists of translations for some other languages, but we cannot
cover all languages, unfortunately. Thanks to Alexander for maintaining
the pages with the Russian translations.

Note: You still have to annonuce translations to this list
( to conform to the IPR FAQ and because
we keep lists of translations for each specification.

Regards,  Martin.

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