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> Hello Guys,
> My name is Natalia. I am a single sexy lonely Russian beauty
> living in Russia, Canada and Middle East countries. I work for
> Russian Airlines (Aeroflot) and I fly frequently into Canada,
> Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi, Oman, Jordan and Yemen.
> I have a blond hair, deep blue eyes, athletic slim body, long
> legs, narrow waist and round firm little pumpkins. I am highly
> educated and financially secure and I am Flight Attendant in
> Aeroflot. My job is very boring as I do not have any male friends
> to spend my time during my flights into these countries.
> I am looking on the internet to meet guys who will spend some
> time with me during my flyings into the above countries. If you
> are the right guy just call me at any time to know each other
> more and arrange our blind date on my next visit to your coutry.
> I do enjoy phone sex, forceful fantasies, raw sexual encounters
> any way you would like to fuck me - and I fantasize about two or
> more guys making themselves happy with my body.
> If you want to try, just call me. My telephone no. is 001 416 544
> 4666.
> I wait for your call.
> Kiss
> Natalia
> P.S.
> ----
> With my next email I will send you some of my explicit private
> photos my girlfriend took of me in the bathroom.

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