Re: "Date and Time Formats" document

Hello Marie-Claude,

As the Copyright FAQ says, you don't need our approval, you get
permission automatically for translating a Technical Report if
you follow the Copyright FAQ (as you have done).

Regards,   Martin.

At 10:26 01/07/21 +0900, wrote:
>I am with the Information Management Division of the Treasury Board of
>Canada Secretariat.  We develop IM standards and guidelines.  We cite the
>document entitled "Date and Time Formats" in one of our guidelines document.
>Since we have to issue the guidelines in both French and English, we need a
>French version of the "Date and Time Formats" document (or an equivalent).
>We have searched for a French translation and found nothing.  We would like
>to translate the document following your translation guidelines.  We are
>ready to make the French translation available to the Internet community
>once it is completed.
>We are seeking for your approval.
>Thank you, and have a nice day.
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>Information Management Division, Treasury Board Secretariat
>Division de la Gestion de l'information, Secr$BqU(Bariat du Conseil du Tr$BqT(Bor
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