Got ridda ads

Hello dear Sirs!

Thanks for attending my letters. Let me say a few more words for the topic of the mailing list. (I hope this will not be considered spam.)

>But the advertisement is really bad, just in general and even
>more so because it overlaps with the W3C icon (at least on my
>browser). I think there should be a sentence at the top that
>tells the reader who provides this nice service, but on the other
>hand makes clear that this is not part of W3C. I just haven't
>thought up a good wording yet. Joseph, do you have any idea?

I just wanted to say that the service where the pages are stored has been completely FREE and completely ADS FREE for years. I just logged in once and the guys told me there will be the banner. I thought you were joking when I read your letter. I stand for no ads at all. So the pages are now at the new server and you may check'em.
HTTP://Croll.HotBox.Ru/W3C/Consortium/Translation/russian.html for English version
HTTP://Croll.HotBox.Ru/W3C/Consortium/Translation/russian-ru.html for Russian one.

This ads trick was a big mistake and I hope that will pass away soon. I will pay 20 bucks a months for no ads, heheh.

>The validator icon can be copied, but the W3C icon should be
>referenced directly. Please see

This is okat now, I hope.

>Also, I would add a link from the Russian to the English version
>and back. It's very nice to have both versions!

Hmm, check this out, but I hope to add some kind of flags instead of links in the future. What do you think?

I will change XML in 10 points according to what you told me in the nearest future.

>I do NOT want the source. But my browser insists on displaying the
>source, because the HTTP header says text/plain;charset=windows-1251
>instead of text/html;charset=windows-1251. So you have to change
>the server settings.
>I don't know how to do that with your server
>(Server: Microsoft-IIS/0.92 (OS/360) ASP/7.315.0284 CJK support)
>but I guess that if you change the document name to include .html,
>it will work.

Will you tell me your browser and OS brands please? And tell me how (if) XML in 10 points works on the new server, do I still have to add .html?

Thanks for explaining "the full potential".

Best wishes,
Alexander "Croll".

Received on Thursday, 19 July 2001 17:35:52 UTC