Re: Final attempt

At 00:21 01/07/02 +0400, The Croll wrote:
>Hello dear Sirs!
>Will you give me a permission to translate the following into Russian please:
>1. "XML in 10 points" by Bert Bos

I found that this already exists at
but this gets served as text/plain, so that many browsers
just show the page source. (please see e.g. 
At least it's text/plain;charset=windows-1251, so the
Russian is readable in the source. But please change it
to text/html;charset=windows-1252. Thank you.
gives a 404 (which takes a long time because of all the
other information on that page). This is okay because there
is no requirement that an HTML page end in .html.

Regards,   Martin.

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