Re: A17: keep or drop entities?

>     After reflection, I think we should keep external entities. FPIs and
> FSIs should be syntactically reserved, with pointers to the relevant SGML
> material as an explanation, but they themselves should not be part of XML
> 1.0. This _commits_ us to an XML 2.0. If such a commitment is not
> plausible, we should bite the bullet and put it all in now.

After being quite silent for awhile, this is a statement I could
agree with on external entities.  Creating generic publishing systems
for use over the web is going to demand more complex features.  These
features are not going to be trivial to solve and implement--but they
will not be impossible either.

At some point it time we are going to have to say: "We've done all the
easy stuff, and its not enough to solve our problems."

We should outline what we think should be in or considered in 2.0 if
we are not allowing these things now.  We don't want to go through the
same discussion about character encodings, RS/RE, etc. again if we
aren't going to change them in 2.0.  We should have an additive process.

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