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ERB publishes discussion framework and vote schedule for XML-Link

From: Tim Bray <tbray@textuality.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 10:47:54 -0800
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-sgml-wg@www10.w3.org
The ERB met today and agreed to proceed with building the XML-Link spec
as follows.

I have abstracted from the initial draft spec a set of 82 discussion
points, each of which is identified with reference to language in
the draft spec.

The basic idea is to proceed as we did with XML - I will email out
each of these to the WG as a discussion item, requesting people, where
possible, to use the subject line so created in order to keep us
moving forward.  Obviously, there are some cases where a set of
questions is closely related; in quite a few cases, I will exercise
editorial judgement and mail out a small batch of questions under
a single title, where it seems sane.

These fall nicely into 5 groups, corresponding to the 5 top-level
sections in the draft spec.   The plan goes like this:

 - mail out batches 0 and 1 today, Jan. 31
 - vote on batches 0 and 1 Feb. 12th
 - mail out batch 2 Feb. 12
 - vote on batch 2 Feb. 19th
 - mail out batch 3 Feb. 19th
 - vote on batch 3 Feb. 26th
 - mail out batch 4 Feb. 26th
 - vote on batch 4 March 5
 - mail out batch 5 March 5
 - vote on batch 5 March 12

We have to have our draft nailed down to get distributed at WWW6, which
begins April 7; which means the copy finalized basically last of March.
The fact that the planned voting ends on March 12 gives us a (painfully
small) bit of slack to deal with hot items or others that will undoubtedly
spill out of the voting process.

To provide a larger-scale context for the discussion, I have a primitively
HTML-ified version of the full question list at 


Please note that the numbers do not predispose any decisions about
the final spec; they are simply a convenient mechanism for associating
questions with existing spec language that gives background for them.

Stand by for batches 0 and 1.

Cheers, Tim Bray
tbray@textuality.com http://www.textuality.com/ +1-604-708-9592
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