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Re: Radical cure for BOS confusion (3 CC's deleted)

From: Derek Denny-Brown <ddb@criinc.com>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 13:43:10 -0800
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-sgml-wg@www10.w3.org
At 01:05 PM 1/9/97 -0500, David G. Durand wrote:
>At 8:57 AM 1/9/97, Derek Denny-Brown wrote:
>>On a third note, in the recent past a number of people have hinted to moving
>>some of the hyperlink info into the style-sheet (or a style-sheet).  I just
>>want to point out that not all hyperlinks necessarily exist for human
>>traversal.  I can think of a number of cases where I might be sending XML
>>documents between (remote) processes and want to use hyperlinks to express
>>information relationships, where this data is never directly presented to
>>the user.
>   I have not just hinted at it, I advocate it as a way to allow proper
>processing of links by browsing applications, which are our prototypical
>example of an application that does not need a DTD. And of course, with a
>different notion of stylesheet, other forms of application processing than
>browsing might also be accomodated without a DTD.

I either did not state my case clearly (which, looking back is true), or I
miss understood something.

I completely agree that links must be identifyable without a DTD.  That is
not what I am talking about.  This is also where my understanding becomes
fuzzy.  As I understood it, the idea was that there were provisions for the
stylesheet expressing behavior of the link.  If this is limited to user
interaction behavior, then I am fine.  

The point of my original statement was to remind people that links exist for
reasons other than just hot-spot user navigation.


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