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Fwd: [Last Call] CC/PP Structure and Vocabularies - deadline 8 April 2003

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>Subject: [Last Call] CC/PP Structure and Vocabularies - deadline 8 April 2003
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>This is a Last Call announcement from the Device Independence Working 
>Group for review of CC/PP Structure and Vocabularies. This specification, 
>originated by the W3C CC/PP Working Group, has now been passed to the 
>Device Independence Working Group to carry forward towards a Recommendation.
>    Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP): Structure and 
> Vocabularies
>This is a Last Call announcement from the W3C Device Independence Working 
>Group (DI WG) for review of CC/PP Structure and Vocabularies.
>The DI WG asks for review of the following document:
>* Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP): Structure and Vocabularies
>"This document describes CC/PP (Composite Capabilities/Preference 
>Profiles) structure and vocabularies. A CC/PP profile is a description of 
>device capabilities and user preferences that can be used to guide the 
>adaptation of content presented to that device.
>The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is used to create profiles that 
>describe user agent and proxy capabilities and preferences. The structure 
>of a profile is discussed. Topics include:
>      * structure of client capability and preference descriptions, AND
>      * use of RDF classes to distinguish different elements of a profile, 
> so that a schema-aware RDF processor can handle CC/PP profiles embedded 
> in other XML document types.
>CC/PP vocabulary is identifiers (URIs) used to refer to specific 
>capabilities and preferences, and covers:
>      * the types of values to which CC/PP attributes may refer,
>      * an appendix describing how to introduce new vocabularies,
>      * an appendix giving an example small client vocabulary covering 
> print and display capabilities, and
>      * an appendix providing a survey of existing work from which new 
> vocabularies may be derived."
>The document is available at:
>Appendix W provides a revision history.
>This further Last Call Working Draft is based on the public interim 
>Working Draft, published on 8 November 2002. It incorporates the 
>resolution of all except one last call issues reported on previous drafts. 
>The outstanding issue is
>Disposition of previous Last Call issues:
>As a result of reviewing the criteria that would be set for this 
>specification to exit Candidate Recommendation, it was decided that the 
>proxy behavior description had insufficient support for implementation. 
>Proxy behavior has therefore been removed from this version. This further 
>Last Call Working Draft has been produced to show the result of this 
>change. In addition, the RDF primer that was included in this document has 
>been removed in favor of a reference to the RDF Primer. It also adds an 
>XML schema for the rational datatype proposed by the XML Schema WG. 
>Because there are no substantial additions compared to previous Last Call, 
>a two week review period has been set, which will close on 8 April 2003.
>Please send comments and feedback to:
>  www-mobile@w3.org
>the public forum for discussion of W3C's work on Mobile Web Access.
>An archive is available at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-mobile/.
>Unless the review uncovers substantial problems, the next step will be to 
>recommend the document for publication as Candidate Recommendation. Given 
>that implementations based on earlier versions of this specification 
>already exist, we hope that the CR review period will be around three months.
>The Last Call review period ends at 23:59 UTC on 8 April 2003.
>The substantive change since the previous Last Call is removal of proxy 
>behaviors. An example XML schema for rational numbers has been added as a 
>result of feedback from the XML Schema WG. Other issues raised at previous 
>last calls have already been disposed as shown here:
>We therefore are asking only for comments on the latest changes, in 
>particular from:
>-- XML Schema WG
>-- RDF Core WG
>Patent disclosures relevant to this specification may be found on the 
>CC/PP Working Group's patent disclosure page in conformance with W3C policy:
>Since further work on this specification will be taken over by the DI WG, 
>patent declarations on this specification will also be sought from members 
>of DI WG before proceeding to CR.
>The DI WG proposal to request Last Call was minuted on 21 March 2003:
>Thank you,
>Roger Gimson
>DI WG Chair
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